Honest and genuine feedback and reviews welcome

pmg book image 2 brown property management guideThis Property Management Guide has been written using over 15 years of hands-on property management experience, with the aim of being an honest overview and guide to managing all kinds of property in the UK. The subjects it covers and the style they are written in are designed to be the real-life advice that would be offered to someone on a one-on-one basis to help accomplish their goals of property ownership and occupation.

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In addition, in order to help fine-tune this book, all forms of honest, genuine, and relevant feedback are warmly welcome directly to us. Perhaps you have an observation on the writing style and layout of subjects, a topic that is not made fully clear, or a new idea and perspective. We understand that one point can often be expressed in many different ways and from different perspectives, and we want to accommodate this. Whatever your point of view, please do contact us and let us know.

The release of future editions will come with relevant technical and factual updates, reviews, and general feedback.

Additionally, we can consider issuing copies of the Property Management Guide upon request to those specifically able to offer honest and genuine reviews – simply complete your details below and we’ll soon be in contact.