tv aerial connection property management guideWhen you have a TV connection point in your property, more popular with residential but still possible with commercial properties, then this connection can be taken for granted. 
In addition to always expecting this to work when you’re there day to day, when you first move in you can suddenly realise that there is no active connection. And when it doesn't work, it's amazing just how devastated people are by this, with it being such an integral part of modern life. 
Therefore, here are a few pointers to help diagnose any potential problems. These are ideal to use ahead of time before you even have any problems, but sill useful to go through when you're there with no connection and it seems all so confusing. So here goes:

1. Check That the Cable Is In

I know it sounds so simple, but make sure every wire is correctly in its place, whether that’s the main aerial wire to the socket, any ancillary wire to a TV or DVD player, or even the main power lead. 

2. Call Your Provider to Check Connection

So you never know, it might be a case of your provider not allowing you access, maybe from non-payment or not moving the package to the new property. You will however tend to see a clear message saying this on your TV if this is the case, meaning the actual connection is still there. 

3. Contact the Landlord or Management Company

This is important for any communal systems, to check that there are no general connection issues. You actually need to report to them direct in order to arrange rather than trying to tamper with any equipment yourself that can cause more harm than good. 
If it is their responsibility, then try and work with them and not take out your frustrations on them, therefore enabling everyone to resolve as soon as possible. 

4. Check With Your Neighbours

After all it may be a general service issue out of your control, which they may already be on to resolve. 

5. Consider Going Wireless

So online streaming of TV and video is getting more popular, and simply needs a good internet connection. 
Make sure the speed and connection are up to it though and that you have any relevant licences and permissions to view online. 

Lights, Camera, Action

For those times when the TV connection has packed in, take a step back and begin looking at these above. Some rely upon checking with others like your landlord, neighbours, and supplier. However others get more technical and consider what connections and packages you have, and even going internet based. 
If in doubt, take a step back, breath slowly, and check again. 

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