pest control protection property management guideProperties are unfortunately not immune to pests affecting them, everything from flies buzzing around, to rodents crawling everywhere, to pigeons flapping around. Conditions like warm spaces, waste food, and hidden areas can make properties a magnet to these.

Although in themselves there may not be a threat with some having important protection for example for bats, from a property management perspective they can be a nightmare. Not only hidden hygiene issues escalating, but frantic people and increased costs can soon emerge.

The simple answer of course is to instruct a pest-control and prevention contractor to save the day as quickly, cheaply, and non-confrontational as possible. They should be geared-up to help resolve, and often the first point of call for any specialist advice on the matter.

You have to watch out though for the range of services these can include, not only to make sure you’re instructing the correct one, but to see if any other additional services can be considered as part of a wider holistic perspective.

Therefore here are the main areas to be aware of as part-and-parcel of your property-management tool kit:

1. Preventative Works

Being proactive is actually the best course of action, a classic example being bait boxes to deter any rodents like rats and mice. These are typical in outside landscaped and car park areas, around prone areas like retail premises with food waste and hygiene issues, the idea being to attract rodents from the immediate vicinity.

The down side is that there is a double-whammy cost to incur. Not only an initial installation cost either on a purchase or hire agreement, but then a regular attendance cost, say, every 6 weeks to check and indeed clear these boxes. Therefore make sure you know exactly what’s needed and what the end cost comes out at.

2. Reactive Responses

Of course there will be those times when a sudden creepy crawly or uninvited insect appears at a property. Ants may appear on the ground, or cluster flies in the ceiling, which before long spring up everywhere.

Quick, effective response is therefore needed and all of the right specification to effectively deal with. So it might be a case of placing some form of poison down to take effect later on with an after clear-up on the agenda alongside carefully planned safety measures.

3. Specialist Areas

For those specialist pests you may need unique help with all the right equipment and resources, and also correct compliance requirements including legislation protecting that form of ‘pest’ or creature.

So bats have an awful lot of protection and require you to notify others, and pigeons and seagulls are naturally more challenging by needing special access arrangements and even shootings to scare them away. Netting may also be required to stop access, in addition to removing any feathers and droppings.

4. Deeper Cleans

There may be those times when extremely dirty and potentially harmful messes need clearing up over and above a normal cleaner’s remit. This isn’t necessarily because a regular cleaner don’t have the man-power or resources to this, but there may be certain health and safety measures that need adherence to.

Two classic examples are removing any human mess like vomit and even excrement, or graffiti on walls. When the specialist contractors are instructed, then clarify what practical disruption and access is required in order to complete these, and that they can carry out within the right time, as often this needs doing as soon as possible.

5. Hygiene Services

This is really a whole different service, but sometimes also often provided by the same suppliers as part of general hygiene services.

It often focuses on toilet and food-serving areas, and includes things like soap dispensers and hand-washes, female hygiene bins and sanitary services, or air fresheners and hand dryers. This could even lead into specialist water management services and testing.

These tend to be more on a hire-agreement format in that initial equipment is obtained and then say monthly charges raised for both the ability to use these and then the contractor regularly attending to service and re-fill them. Watch out though for extra charges on top, whether problem-solving or needing more refills, and check how long the agreement and contract is agreed for.

The Property Management Pest Busters

Therefore as you face the issue of pests at your property, whether dealing with sudden problems needing a quick response, or forming part of a pro-active strategy, these above five aspects will help paint a broader picture. You can then begin digging-down into whatever areas you need to right now, and plan for any others emerging in the future.

This will of course require close liaising with others, whether it’s the occupiers on site being affected, other contractors being involved, or a specialist pest-control company to help do the dirty work. Whatever issue you face will need to be considered in the bedrock of who’s responsible for this, often dictated through leases, ownership titles, and any service agreements.

So a cluster of flies in a roof area may or may not be within the responsibility of a tenant under their lease, and if it begins affecting other neighbours and for example a contractor instructed to carry out roof works, then suddenly you have lots of people to work with, clarity responsibilities and liabilities with, any maybe even calm down in the midst of panic.

But armed with these potential pest-control-services, a good property manager can soon help save the day and rid the world, or at least the property, or unwanted pests.

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