alley way rubbish property management guideHaving a rubbish bin in an alleyway should be straight forward in principle, but of course these things never are in reality. Particularly in one recent example, where there is a communal block with a variety of occupiers, a next door neighbour who also uses the service, and a difficult area to access.
When things don’t go to plan rubbish gets stored, occupiers get frustrated, and allegations start flying. Therefore to resolve this particular property management problem, there are 5 different angles to cover, all nicely beginning with the letter ‘L’:

1. Light It Up

That’s it, just shed some more light on the subject. It can get pretty dark and dingy this time of year down this secluded alleyway, and quiet rightly employed cleaners placing bags here in dark nights do have Lone Worker concerns. The solution – a simple LED light that pops on with movement.

2. Lock It Tight

There’s a gate at the end of the alleyway from the street, that simply needed a good old lock on to stop everyone placing their rubbish here. Usually a Digi-lock is easier so it can be easily circulated, but a key and lock can suffice.

One word of caution here though, it may still need to act as a fire escape from the inside out, at the same time as being locked from the outside in. The answer is a form of lock with a quick release pad and sign on the inside to allow access out, but only access in by code or key.

3. Locate It Right

There was actually a fenced off area right at the end of the alleyway to keep it out of sight, but people had got in the habit of leaving it at the entrance. Unfortunately these things do take a while to get back on track, but by moving it back, some signs, and reminders to everyone it should work out eventually.

4. Luminate It Up

By that I mean by ol’ fashioned signs, being discreet and sensible, but just making clear what goes where and who can use. Also, being clear what happens to recycle items, as in this case one occupier had separate arrangement with a supplier, not for the benefit of everyone else.

There’s More Than One Way 

This is a perfect example of how lots of little things can add up to make a big difference. The sooner you can nip these in the bud the better, and the clearer you can make it to everyone as well the easier it becomes.
Although these four ‘L’s are unique to this situation, they will be similar issues for other scenarios – handy to then go through as well. 

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