christmas rubbish tips property management guideIf I could have a pound for every complaint received in the last fortnight from excess rubbish over the Christmas period, I could easily pay for next year’s Christmas presents.

In a frenzy of frustrated residents and regular bin-collectors going away and not touching piles of rubbish, there are a few more lessons that can be learnt on the subject of rubbish removal, particularly those involved in communal facilities.

We recently posted about the RAG way to deal with rubbish, as a helpful overview of how refuse facilities should work in 3 helpful steps. The problem of course with busy periods like Christmas, particularly with residential properties and with people being at home more, is that there is additional rubbish that needs dealing with from the festivities of Christmas. Add to this people being more relaxed and assuming others will resolve, you have a nasty cocktail of rubbish build up.

But not to worry, here are 3 lessons to learn for future busy periods like Christmas, Easter, and Bank Holidays:

1. Figure Out the Extra Rubbish & Plan Ahead

So work out what sort of items may emerge from the forthcoming event. With Christmas it tends to be old Christmas trees, general boxes and packaging from presents, some old items being thrown away, and even rotting food from the festivities.

For Easter there may be similar items, and in the summer more garden items and BBQs. Also, if you have certain times when there are a lot of new tenant changes then this can generate moving-in and moving-out items as well.

You can then at least plan as far as possible – any additional notices to people, maybe different bins or areas for certain items, and having people to monitor areas and clear as soon as possible. Otherwise, once it starts to build up it can soon escalate further, particularly when the regular bin-collectors refuse to remove any rubbish because of poor access.

2. Remember the Newer Properties

The new developments where this was maybe the first ever Christmas in the building, tend to have the worse problems, simply because people are not aware of what to do. The older familiar ones are better established, but the newer ones need more pro-active action before and after the event.

3. Send Reminders While Still Fresh in People’s Memory

While everyone still remembers the joys of Christmas and then the frustrations of messy bin areas, send a letter or email out reminding them of the downsides in the world of property management. Remind them what the correct way is to deal with rubbish, for example the RAG way, and to let other occupiers know. Also, that any culprits caught will be fined, as these things do cost money to get resolved.

A Right Old Mess

As with a lot of things in property management, you unfortunately can’t easily stop all this happening, but you can certainly help make sure it does not happen so dramatically, and the costs and consequences are reduced.

Therefore, plan ahead for the worst, clearly communicate to everyone before and afterwards, and have help on stand-by to literally clear up any mess.

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