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blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to all the different property interests, with sub-categories in Contrators, Managing Agents, Tenants & Occupiers, Landlords & Investors, Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, Property Professionals, and Other Interests. These cover general factors to consider for a particular interest, to more detailed issues to resolve for a particular course of action.


How to Kick a Property Managing Agent Into Shape

property manager dispute property management guideWhen you have a managing agent acting for you, they’re the ones responsible for all the nuts-and-bolts of managing your property interest, whether you’re the owner with a single property and tenant, or you’re part of a separate management company.
If you come across tell-tale signs that the agent is not doing what they’re supposed to, it can actually take a long time to do something about this. Often you need to build up details of these issues, dig a little deeper, and then liaise with them over these.
You can compare it to your bank account, where you might bank with, say, Lloyds but suspect that you’re not getting the right service and interest and therefore look to move to Natwest, for example. Even when you do get this all...

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Establishing a Property Manager’s Job Description

property managers job description property management guideWhen you’re involving a Property Manager to manage a property interest it’s key to make sure this is on the right basis from day one. Whether you’re a direct landlord or a communal management company, and it is either an internal post to fulfil this on an appointed managing agent – the basic duties and responsibilities are the same.

Even between different property types, whether a simple let house or a complex commercial scheme, you will still come across the basics of what a property manager needs to actually do. The detail will of course change, but the basics still count.

Here then are some of these key factors to the right Property Manager’s job description. This is based upon the UK property market and a pure property management...

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Popular Niggly Nuisances From Property Occupiers

nuisances property management guideIt’s always going to happen to some degree when you have a mixed group of people together in a building. Each one has their own way of doing things which is bound to irritate others in some fashion.

Whether that’s using a workspace for their business, or being at home at a residential property, these niggly nuisances have a habit of cropping up everywhere. In this modern era of busy lives and properties often cramming more people into smaller places, they are often right at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

And not only are they a pain in themselves for others, but you tend to find that people get easily wound-up by these and begin wanting to prove a point rather than keeping things amicable.

Not an easy situation for those managing...

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