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‘Contracting Out’ of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 Act for Commercial Properties; Explanation & Declaration
10 Property Tips for Airbnb & Other Rooms to Rent Accommodation
A Rent Review Surveyor’s Advice for Reviewing Rental Levels in Commercial Leases
Assignment of Leases with Commercial & Residential Properties – Explained
Bottom-Line Basics of Renewing Residential AST Leases
Break Options and Clauses Within Commercial Lease Tenancies
How to Allow Other Uses in Commercial Property Long Leases Through the law of Property Act 1925
Lease “Re-gears” and "Re-Gearing" Explained and Expounded
Lease Alienation Clauses for Commercial & Residential Properties - Clearly Explained
Lease Renewals for Commercial Business Premises, and Landlord & Tenant Act 1954
Licence of alterations for commercial and residential properties
Loft Leases & Rights Explained - Ownership, Conversions, Purchasing, Variations, & Freeholders
Removing Names from Joint-Tenancy Agreements – the Low-Down
Replies to Conveyancing & Pre-Contract Enquires - Explained
Resolved: Home Business Tenancies Aren’t Under 1954 Act Protection
Some Creative (& Advanced) ‘Property-to-Property’ Agreements
Subletting Leases & Under Lettings at Commercial & Residential Properties – the Low Down
The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 for Business Property Tenancies - Explained
The Low-Down Property Heads of Terms for Leases & Sales
When Lenders & Banks Panic About Lease Forfeiture Clauses

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