9 post mail tricks property management guideReceiving your post and mail at a property should be a straightforward exercise; simply have a letter box for the postman to send items through. In a world of more multi-let scenarios though, such as communal apartments or office blocks, and with additional deliveries at all times of the day, it can become more complicated in reality. And when it doesn’t work out, you know about it, and there can be a mad rush to come up with a quick-fix solution.

So from a property management perspective, here are nine little tricks to help you out. In no particular order, preference, or type; just handy tips that have been picked up over the years and which can hopefully help you receive all your mail quickly and easily.

1. Have a Spare Key For Any Post Box

It’s a pain I know, but worth it when it gets lost, or you purchase or let a property and you need a few copies to issue to other occupiers. Although it can be straight forward for a locksmith to change a lock afterwards, it’s the time and hassle that will count if you can’t access any post in the mail box in the meantime (and worth placing a sign over the slot to stop the postman placing any further post through until resolved).

2. Make Sure the Delivery Address, Postcode, and Mames Are Correct

Particularly so with new or unusual locations where the details can be slightly off pitch to where any postman or delivery company need to actually go. If you have a better version, then make sure it’s communicated to the people delivering and overrides the official address.

3. Think About Any Access Restrictions, Particularly Intercoms for Communal Doors

It’s often a difficult compromise between keeping locked and secure, and being unlocked for the postman and other deliveries to still get through. Sometimes you have a tradesman buzzer which anyone can press between certain times to allow access, or there are codes or access numbers to communicate to people to use.

4. Use a Post Divert System With Any New Premises

So whilst you communicate any new work or home address to people, the post office will automatically divert any post to your new address even though it has the old one stated. One word of caution though, make sure the names are correct and include all the variations, as any post to another version can slip through the net and end up at the old address.

5. Know What to do When You Receive Post for Old Occupiers

So clarify early on whether they want it keeping, re-sending, or just throwing, although remember that this can be repetitive over time so try and place the onus on them to collect every so often or allow you to simply throw away.

6. Remember Other People and Places to Receive

So maybe friends at a different address altogether, even your workplace, as well as any friendly neighbour. Make sure they agree to it though, and don’t allow, say, endless delivery firms to automatically end up leaving items and slips with your neighbours without their say so.

7. Check Whether Any Signatures or Special Arrangements Are Needed With Any Items

Otherwise the items may simply be kept with the courier/postman after they otherwise arrive okay at the destination.

8. Make Sure Larger Parcels Are Left in a Sensible Place That Are Aafe and Secure

Steer away from store cupboards, particularly where electrics and items are stored, and blocking access ways and fire escapes. Ideally make sure they are protected from the elements and from temptation from others to take.

9. If You Need to Send Letters and Parcels, Look at Other Ways to Help You

So, are there drop off points to take them to other than the post office, and if you have a courier collecting then can you leave them somewhere safe for them to easily access and sign for.

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