b2ap3 thumbnail valentines day love property management guide blogWith tomorrow being Valentine’s Day and people sending cards and gifts to their loved ones, why not take a moment to show some love and attention to your property interest.

It is probably a huge investment and benefit in your life, and something you would miss if it was not there, so although it may sound a little strange, here are a few ideas to show a little tender-loving care and interest to your bricks and mortar this Valentine’s season:

1. Give it a Lick of Paint

All those currently-painted parts like windows, doors, and roof fascias would not only look a lot better but reflect back in higher rents and values and if done correctly with the right preparation. This will make the base-material of, say, wood or metal last for many years to come (plus this is the best time of year to start planning for as you enter the Spring season).

If you lease the property, do check that you do not need any permission from a superior landlord who may not be as keen to show the love in the way you are proposing.

2. Make it Eco-Friendly

So, help your property get with the times, warm-up easier, stop emitting those nasty CO2s, start reducing utility costs and consumption, and even contributing back into the national grid. Things are going to start changing in the next few years for those properties with a low EPC rating, so here is your opportunity to start preparing for brighter days ahead.

3. Get Any Reports and Paperwork Nice and Tidy

Make sure your filing and property-folders have all the latest certificates and report copies needed, and book in those surveys, inspections, and maintenance programmes that are, or may soon become overdue and keep your love nest legally compliant.

4. Get Your Rents, Values, and Costs at the Fair Level

So maybe there is an outstanding rent review that needs looking at, or a new deal with your landlord or tenant to complete, or even a nice little mortgage re-finance to get past the post and star pampering your property values and costs.

5. Consider How This Season Will Have a Knock-On Effect to the Property

So, any business users like restaurants and florists will have a busy season at this time of year, which may help pay more towards rent arrears or mean help with practical things like access and car parking for their last-minute customers.

Residential users may have a flurry of visitors, a busy post-box, and delivery flowers turning up and cluttering up the property, and people may simply not be around next week for property business and transactions if they are on holiday for a long weekend with their loved-ones or into half-term with the family.

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