redecorate tips property management guideRe-decorating parts of a property can seem oh so easy at first sight, with just a quick lick of paint to suddenly transform the look of the whole property. The transforming part of the property can certainly be true, and why people will often be keen to crack on with this to make things look better.
But getting this right is not so easy, whether from a compliance perspective and covering any problems, or from the practical perspective of making sure no hiccups cause delays, additional costs, and frustrations.
The golden rule is actually good preparation, in all respects. Both literally, and making sure the material you are painting is in the best state possible to take the paint, and in organisation of it on site often under the expertise of property management.

The 5 Little Tricks 

So here are 5 core tricks to help jog things along. 5 aspects that you can run through with the actual contractor and interested parties like occupiers, to make sure everyone sees the best final finish possible:

1. All Areas Covered

Think outside the box and all those other areas that need to be included, whether a disabled toilet, storage cupboards, or shelving. Even within the main area, details like skirting boards and door frames are often included, yet you may not include the actual doors to any tenanted areas.
In addition, if the decorators are there for a few days, check if they can store their tools and paint in a safe and secure area over night, or whether they need to bring them off and on site.

2.  The Right Paint 

It’s obvious, but the detail so often missed. As well as specific colour shades, right down to first using samples on a wall or colour charts, think of the paint finish as well. So, gloss for a durable shiny finish on woodwork, or more subtle satin; in a similar fashion on walls, matte can look great but vinyl is better to wipe marks off afterwards.
Preparation is also key here, so whether primer and undercoat is first needed, and how many final top coats.

3.  Accessing All Areas 

Access in all respects will need to be thought through, the main one being people literally being able to still walk through during works, and the need for signage to warn, or alternative stairs and lifts to use.
When you’re connected to other occupied parts, then check if doors and windows can be left open and access into areas arranged. Access to the main communal area will also need to be granted, including any additional parking, storage, and welfare areas.

4.  Timing on Cue 

Timing is key, both the main job and any room for early site meetings and after snagging. Decorators will tend to be early birds, which may need to be accounted for, and certain occupiers need to be informed before hand when their areas are affected.

5.  Involving Other Trades  

Finally, think what other jobs need to be interlinked with. Whether that’s a joiner or handyman first carrying out repairs to rotten windows or cupboard doors, or an electrician replacing light fittings or changing fire extinguishers.
A classic one as well is new carpets and floor covering, ideally with the old going up first to paint right up to the floor base, and the new covering going straight in afterwards.

The Final Wow Factor

People understandably get caught up in how the property will look after redecoration, with choice of effective colours and dreams of glitzy properties in everybody’s mind. It’s therefore even more important to take stock and look at some of these property management matters to guarantee that finished look. 

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