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The "Property Management Guide" book helps you navigate the complex, and often frustrating, world of property management. The guide helps:

• Landlords and owners to enjoy the rewards of property ownership with greater returns

• Property investors to apply practical tweaks to their portfolios that increase rent and property values

• Property Managers, both appointed and hands-on owners, to whizz through compliance processes and pro-actively asset manage properties

• Tenants and occupiers to slash costs and expenses and make sure the property is working efficiently as their home or work space

property management guide 3D logo x2 white smallWritten by Andrew Duncan, the “Property Management Guide” book complies over 15 years of his experience in UK residential and commercial property management into one helpful guide. Over the years he has have worked with a wide range of corporate and individual clients, both owning and renting property.

Eliminate Property Management Confusion

This guide explains everything logically and focuses on the bigger picture to make sure you achieve your aims. Whether your goal is to increase returns or reduce overheads you can use this guide as an easy-to-read blueprint to successful property management.

In this Amazon book we go through the four main 'P' perspectives you need to look at:

1. the Property

2. the People involved and their motives

3. the Payments and expenses incurred

4. the Paperwork to tick all the boxes

53 Core Principles Designed To Support You

53 bite-size summaries of the core principles surrounding effective property management will help you to glide through the process and quickly identify issues that you need to address. Everything is covered from making sure those rent payments come through, or ensuring gas and electricity checks meet legal requirements and the safety of the occupants, to making sure 'the deal' goes through without a hitch.

Why You Need This Helpful Guide

Property management books, courses, and information generally focus on one of two areas. Either, they are about the right investment, choice, portfolio strategy and transaction, which, of course, is often the end goal. Or, the focus is on endless legal insight on the ins and outs of the latest changes in, say, landlord and tenant law, which never seem to apply to your own situation.

This guide draws on real life property management experience, from both residential and commercial properties, and matches it seamlessly with the theory. This will easily help you to finally understand ALL the issues involved with your property and fit the pieces of the jigsaw together.

When you have the full picture it will be a huge weight off your shoulders, not to mention the effects of greater returns and valuations as well as reduced costs and overheads.

With the guide close at hand you can easily address any specific issues whenever you need to.

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Available on Kindle e-book, and paperback, this is immediately available from Amazon.

PLUS, as a customer, you will have access to further information through the resources website to keep you ahead of the game. The guide is beyond doubt worth its weight in gold and more. As you're already probably aware any property professional's time - whether they’re solicitors, surveyors or managing agents - generally costs big bucks.

To make matters worse property management is one of those subjects on which it is difficult to get correct and trustworthy advice. Often several areas of expertise need to combine in order to come up with just the right solutions for your property problems and goals.

We're so confident about the advice in this Amazon book that we GUARANTEE this book without hesitation. If you're not completely satisfied with it then email us and we'll either help clear up any confusion, or return your money, no questions asked.

So Click Here to immediately purchase the Property Management Guide now, and contact us if you have any queries or concerns whatsoever.

Wishing you every property success.

PS (1) -- there's also a host of extra ‘top tips’ in the book to not only build on the main principles and points, but add those extra golden nuggets to enhance the value and reduce the costs of your property.

PS (2) -- this guide is designed as the ultimate ‘go-to’ guide for your property. As well as instantly helping you with any immediate concerns or queries, and unearthing some that you never knew existed, you can refer to this time and time again in the future. As a helpful guide containing all the fundamental principles necessary for property management, this book is timeless with helpful points on where to always get the latest updates there and then.

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