Here are five main ways that we provide property management guidance:

pack yellow circle pmg1. Free Property Management Pack

Immediate download of our ‘Property Management Pack’ of goodies, the focus being our Property Cheat Sheet with fifteen core factors to property management to help shape any property transaction to your benefit. This will increase your returns, reduce your costs, and get the best deal. Also, free Introduction and Chapter of our book on Amazon the Property Management Guide.

blog yellow circle pmg2. Property Management Blog

Lots of information across 10 sections covering the whole property management spectrum. Whether it's a practical repair, or a legal query, this covers the whole spectrum of issues for effective property management.

book yellow circle pmg3. Property Management Book

Written by Andrew Duncan and available on Amazon, an essential overview of the whole property management process across 4 general perspectives and 53 different principles.

shop yellow circle pmg4. Online Shop

A series of on- and off-line resources and courses for different property management topics, our main one being the Property Management Guide as based upon the amazon book but with more information on top.

updates yellow circle pmg5. Updates

We have regular email newsletters, are active on various social media channels, and will respond to any direct enquiries or comments left.

FREE Property Management Pack

Immediate access to the Property Deal Cheat Sheet, all Website Downloads, Introduction & Chapter from our regular Email Updates

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