Created by Andrew Duncan, this Property Management Guide website is a one-stop resource for advice on property management. This is to help people easily manage their property interests, whether they’re a landlord, property investor, or tenant occupier, or a third-party interest like a managing agent or advisor.

Mainly through free Resources and Property Management Pack, all issues regarding managing properties are covered from repairs to rent collection, in order to help people reach their eventual goals of their property interest.

Who is Andrew Duncan

He is a qualified Property Manager who has been involved in managing both commercial and residential property for over 15 years. That’s included all different kinds of properties, from individual houses, to flats above shops, to larger and luxurious apartment blocks. With commercial property, it’s ranged from parades of retail shops, to office blocks and industrial estates, to unusual period buildings.

He has also helped a wide range of different clients, from individuals and properties held within their pension funds, to larger property companies and international institutions, to local-based management companies. This has included occupiers and tenants of buildings, whether individuals in their homes, small businesses, or larger retail chains across the UK.

His has written a book called the Property Management Guide as an overview of the process of property management, available on Amazon.

Further Explanation of the Property Management Guide

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