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blog yellow circle pmgHere are various blog resources related to the rent that is paid at properties, with sub-category information on Rents here. Whether you're a landlord receiving, tenant paying, or middle-man managing. Right through from how to correctly charge and collect to how it needs to change over time, this is often the most important factor to managing let properties, and includes simular variations such as licence fees. 


How Landlords & Tenants Can Deal with Commercial Lease Rent Payments in Covid-19 Coronavirus Times

rent reduction hoiday property management guidecovid19 content blue property management guideWe have a general resource here on overall property management issues to consider during these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Tenants of commercial properties being able to pay their rents has been critical, particularly with the popular quarterly-payments being due at the end of March and monthly ones at the beginning of April when lock-down began.

Well here are some tips to help guide you through this process, to see what legally is allowed, and how to pragmatically come to an arrangement.

As a tenant, you will understandably be wanting to arrange rent reductions to ease cash flow, whereas landlords will be eager to still receive these to pay mortgages etc. And if you’re a managing agent or property advisor in between...

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The ‘Handy’ Way to Pursue Commercial Property Tenant Arrears

commercial tenant arrears property management guideAs a landlord looking to make sure the rent and other monies are paid okay by tenants, it can soon become a nightmare when things don’t go to plan.

Suddenly it starts escalating and promised late-payments never materialise, leading to ever-increasing arrears. Then there’s talk of expensive legal action to try and resolve.

But for commercial property there is some good news – you generally have more options and flexibility as a landlord to deal with things.

Therefore, with this focus in mind, here are five core options that are available to deal with commercial tenant arrears. They’re helping to think bigger-picture and strategy wise in order to see what action can then be concluded in whatever situation you’re in.

And to make these...

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The Bigger-Picture Basics of Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) For Property Interests

company voluntary agreement cva property management guideThis has not only hit the headlines of the property press and publications, but also at national and public level. The reality of large retailers like Debenhams and House of Fraser potentially going under has hit home hard.

It’s actually brought the reality of property and landlords more to light. Most people will assume that such occupiers own their property rather than have to let it from a commercial landlord, never mind realise the large rental figures at hand.

Quite rightly this is all coming to light for people to realise. However, it can come across as confusing and scary if people think this is now going to automatically affect everyone to some degree.

The Four CVA Basics

Hence, here is our resource on these ‘CVA’ agreements...

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